What does Post-Construction Cleaning Services Entail?

First impressions matter. Make sure to prioritize a thorough post-construction cleaning process and not treat this important aspect as merely an afterthought. Prevent clients from feeling disappointed when presenting them with a finished site that has not been cleaned properly. Make it count and clean it up.

There is a misconception that post-construction cleaning is similar to routine maintenance or deep cleaning, but this is incorrect.
Construction sites add some challenging elements to consider when planning the cleaning process. Ordinary vacuum cleaners are not up to the task of cleaning construction dust. The paper used on floors to protect it during construction, often leaves a residue that requires specialized cleaners to remove it. Stickers on new windows must be removed, often requiring a razor.

The cleaning of a construction site requires a professional and knowledgeable team. Not every building cleaning services company has the necessary tools and understanding of how to deal with these specific challenges. If you are looking for the right company that offers post-construction building or condo cleaning services, continue reading. We have compiled a list to help you identify a building cleaning company that will get the job done right.

How To Choose the Best Post-Construction Cleaning Services

It is important to choose the right partner when it comes to providing proper post-construction cleaning services. But how would you know which company to go with? The last thing you want is to be left embarrassed and out of pocket due to an unorganized and messy building that fails to sell. Make certain that the building cleaning services you select can offer the following:

1. Itemized Cleaning Services

An important aspect of hiring any cleaning company or cleaning service is to have a clear and defined cleaning scope. This is especially important when it comes to a post-construction project, as it differs so much from a standard cleaning process. Companies with the relevant experience will be able to assist you in compiling the itemized list and add items that you may not have considered. Include any cleaning material required within the list. Some building or apartment cleaning services will make use of environmentally friendly detergents, without you having to specifically request this.

2. Consistent Communication

You want to partner with a company that discusses the scope and various options, without simply making assumptions. Assumptions lead to errors, which is why you want to work with a professional building or office cleaning services that communicate effectively and offer regular project status updates.
MG Professional Cleaning Service provides their clients with frequent updates and clear communication. We often include photos of completed work in our progress reports, so you will be kept up to date at all times. You would want the company that you select to work with, to follow suit.

3. Paying Attention to Detail

Post-construction cleaning can be challenging as there is no routine script to follow. Each project is different and needs a different approach. For instance, with routine janitorial services or a weekly office cleaning routine the job can be done in a certain way, making sure nothing is overlooked. When it comes to post-construction cleaning however, attention to detail is crucial. Janitors may not clean the top of all doors or the tiniest corners of each room on a weekly basis, but this is just what needs to be done without fail, during a post-construction cleaning process.

4. Check Insurance Coverage

Checking the level of insurance of a building cleaning services is another good way to ensure that they are indeed competent. Many novice businesses may disregard umbrella insurance coverage, endangering your recently finished job.

Checking their insurance coverage is a simple way to assess their level of experience and will allow you to exclude any businesses that do not adhere to key safety regulations. The majority of insurance companies demand that the people they cover, wear the appropriate PPE and take related safety precautions.

5. Reference Check

When it comes to office cleaning or janitorial services, the cleaning industry generally has a low entrance barrier. This means that two people with transport can easily establish themselves as a cleaning business. This is possible without any prior experience or sometimes with no work ethic. You will want to avoid such a business and find a professional and reputable cleaning partner.

Invest a little time in researching the businesses you have narrowed your choice down to. Pay attention to their references and reputations. This will enable you to narrow down your choice even further and find the cleaning partner you can rely on every time.
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