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Janitorial Services Arlington Heights – MG Professional Building Cleaning Services in Arlington Heights

The most experienced Cleaning Service Arlington Heights
Our janitors clean offices, apartments, buildings and much more! We serve many locations, ask for yours!

MG Janitorial Services Arlington Heights IL views our customers as our top priority. We have been providing our cleaning services for many years, officially opening as MG Professional Cleaning Service in 1999. Our client-based philosophy has served us well. Our very first customer is still with us—25 years later!
Our janitorial services for apartment buildings and condo are affordable and flexible. No matter how large or small the job, we can get it done! We excel in office cleaning and building maintenance of a variety commercial spaces (i.e. apartment complex, office buildings, condominums, garages and more!). Each member of our team is highly trained and had years of on the job experience—offering you the opportunity to get a spotless clean.

At MG Building Cleaning Services, we provide a high quality, affordable janitorial services & building cleaning while focusing on each individual clients’ needs. 

The most experienced Janitorial Service in Arlington Heights!
Which kind of Cleaning Service you are looking for?

Janitorial Services

Our company in Arlington Heights provides the highest quality and affordable janitorial services to our clients. We only use the highest quality of eco cleaning products. We make sure that your office is left clean as a whistle once we are done with our projects.

Office Cleaning

We understand how hard it is to find a reliable and trustworthy company to handle your office cleaning in Arlington Heights. Our company is here to make sure that everything is done your way and we’ll ensure to leave your home as clean as possible.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning services are deemed to be the best in the Chicago area. We have the most friendly and professional staff that can handle your janitorial needs. Any preference that you may have will be followed and achieved.

Building Cleaning Services

Our janitorial services are very customizable when it comes to your building cleaning services. We can fit any of your schedules, whether you need cleaning services weekly, monthly, or any special cleaning service that you may need.

Apartment Building Maintenance

We don’t stop there. We also provide apartment cleaning services and apartment building maintenance. Our janitorial services in Chicago are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to provide the best and exceptional service to our customers.

Post Construction Cleaning

We do not only do regular janitorial services in Chicago but we also got your post-construction cleaning covered. Our staff only use the highest quality of materials in order to provide the best service to our customers.

What are the advantages of eco cleaning?

Our janitorial services in Arlington Heights provides eco cleaning to our customers. There are many advantages when it comes to eco cleaning. The very first advantage is that it leaves you a healthier home and you do not need to worry about dangerous chemicals. Another great advantage of eco cleaning is you’ll get better air quality. There are some cleaning products that excretes pungent smells, eco cleaning uses natural essential oils that will make your home smell better. Some conventional cleaning products pose risks such as chemical burns to skin and eyes whereas eco cleaning uses much safer products. Lastly, it is less expensive when you choose this type of cleaning. Your home would be cleaner and safer at a very affordable price. In our company, we will make sure that your home is spotless and help us make our world an environmental friendly home. Call our office today and get more information about eco cleaning in Arlington Heights!

Why choose professional facility management company in Arlington Heights?

There are a number of reasons for any company to utilize the services of professional facilities Management in Chicagoland. In fact, maintaining the operations of a large facility and its grounds can have a huge impact on the bottom line of the business.
Here are 6 reasons why facility management services are an important benefit to any business:

Maximize Value

A large facility is a significant asset to a company and it adds a certain value not only in terms of an investment over the long-term but it can also bring in business. Maintaining the facility both inside and outside can project the corporate image you want for existing and new clients.


A facility management professional understands the important role that the working environment has on the productivity of employees, systems, and equipment used in daily operations. A well-managed and clean environment sets the tone for a productive workforce.


With the help of janitorial services, employees can stay focused on their tasks and deliver results that are essential to the core of the business. This leaves the organization and effort needed to maintain the facility in the hands of the professionals.


As the needs of your business and facilities change, so to can the commercial cleaning services that are provided. Your entire operation can be cared for as you prioritize for peak efficiency.

Cost Effective

The combined benefits of professional facility management in Arlington Heights serve as an investment in the company that increases overall business returns. This makes the investment a very cost-effective way to build more profits.

Clean and Healthy Environment

For the benefit of all staff, customers, and guests who visit the facility daily, janitorial services maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all.
Keep in mind, the larger the facility, the more individual effort is required to maintain it. With that said the services of professional facility management in Arlington Heights become even more important for the overall wellbeing of the workplace and everyone in it.

Why choose us

Variety of Services

If you’re looking for office cleaning services, you’ll find everything you need with MG Pro Clean. We offer janitorial services for apartment buildings, condos, office buildings, garages, and more. Whether you need commercial or residential building cleaning, we’ve got you covered.

Professional and friendly customer service

At MG Pro Clean, customer service is the priority. That’s why our office cleaning services are fully customizable to meet your needs. Whether you need us weekly, monthly, or require special janitorial services, we’ll communicate with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Affordable Cleaning Services

In addition to providing the most thorough office cleaning services on the market, we also keep our prices competitive. Professional janitorial services should save your company money, not add another expense for you to deal with. That’s why we guarantee low prices without sacrificing quality.

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