Eco Janitorial Services

When it comes to environmental issues, it is fair to say that many consumers are paying more and more attention to ecology and companies that demonstrate their awareness of this, including janitorial services and cleaning companies. With this level of environmental concern, it is no surprise that most cleaning companies and those who offer janitorial services are increasingly offering eco services to their customers.

At MG, we take eco standards seriously, and are one of the cleaning companies that delivers janitorial services that set the highest eco standards in the industry. We simply don’t believe in using the dangerous chemicals found in so many domestic cleaning products, products that are hazardous to the skin and can affect the respiratory tract, preferring our janitorial services to be done in a healthy way for you and the environment.

With so many cleaning companies also offering janitorial services that are eco cleaning based, we are proud to lead the field. Whether you make them yourself, or use our janitorial services, cleaning agents should be eco-friendly. Our eco-friendly janitorial services are available for the eco-cleaning of apartments, houses and offices, and any other buildings you may need cleaned. Our janitorial services are done using exclusively biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe to use for our customers and the environment.

We offer eco cleaning and janitorial services including: :

  • Floor cleaning
  • Removal of stains on surfaces
  • Cleaning bathrooms and kitchens
  • Washing
  • Washing Windows
  • Additional Janitorial Services as Requested

For so many clients and cleaning companies, eco-cleaning is now a popular and proven choice for those who choose convenience and safety as well as environmental awareness, whether they are parents with small children, or people who simply care about their health, well-being and the environment. Contact us today for more about our eco-friendly janitorial services.