Take care about your office during autumn days?

Fall Cleaning

Autumn brings cooler days, wind, rain, fallen leaves and boots. Holidays are just on the horizon. Cooler days means cranking up the heat. This means the heating filters at your office will need to be checked and cleaned or replaced. Also check around any space heaters for any debris or blockages that might cause a fire. Windows need to be checked for air leakage and it is a good time to let in some light by cleaning the glass.

Check lighting and consider adding additional lighting to keep things bright and cheerful. Use a duster to remove dust from around electrical strips and plugs. While you clean, check for safety and function to insure a safe and functional office environment. A thorough cleaning goes a long way to improve the energy in an office space, and adding some warm scents with oranges, cloves and apple cider makes for a warm, pleasant transition to winter.

From Top to Bottom

 Get a head start on holiday preparations by using a telescoping duster to clean all around light fixtures, corners and ceilings. If you are feeling energetic, this is a good time to pull out a step stool or ladder and holiday decorations can go up while you clean. You can choose to light up light strands now or later, but that task will be finished all in one fell swoop.

Rainy days mean wet floors. Designate and arrange a place for drippy umbrellas and soaked rain gear to stop dangerous puddles on the floor. Rugs or mats to wipe water, leaves and debris off shoes and boots goes a long way towards keeping floors clean. Leaf litter will likely appear on floors during the autumn, so more frequent vacuuming may be necessary. Keeping a small, easy access vacuum near high traffic areas helps quickly and easily remove debris that accumulates more frequently in fall and winter.